Parent Partnerships.

The relationship between home and school is vital in your child’s motivation and learning. The National Parent Teachers Association have published the following list of things parents can do to support their child's learning:


  • Be involved. Parent involvement helps students learn, improves schools, and helps teachers work with you to help your children succeed.
  • Provide resources at home for learning. Utilize your local library, and have books and magazines available in your home. Read with your children each day.
  • Set a good example. Show your children by your own actions that you believe reading is both enjoyable and useful. Monitor television viewing and the use of videos and game systems.
  • Encourage students to do their best in school. Show your children that you believe education is important and that you want them to do their best.
  • Value education and seek a balance between schoolwork and outside activities. Emphasize your children's progress in developing the knowledge and skills they need to be successful both in school and in life.
  • Support school rules and goals. Take care not to undermine school rules, discipline, or goals.
  • Accept your responsibility as parents. Don't expect the school and teachers to take over your obligations as parents. Teach children self-discipline and respect for others at home -- don't rely on teachers and schools to teach these basic behaviours and attitudes.

Preps make a smooth start to life and learning @ St Augustine's

Last Friday we welcomed our 2019 Prep students to our school community. They are off to a great start to school and have already been very busy learning, playing. investigating and socialising. We welcome them warmly and look forward to watching them learn and grow.



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Specialist lessons 

Sports uniform is worn on Wednesdays for students in Years 5/6 and Year 2 and on Thursdays for students in Year 3/4, and P/1.  Students in Years 5 & 6 also wear their sports uniform on a Friday throughout Terms 1 & 2 when they participate in Interschool sport.

P/1R, P/1C & P/1AC:

  •          Physical Education, Technology, Italian  - Thursday - Sport uniform required
  •          Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) – Tuesday

 2B & 3/4A

  •          Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) and Physical Education – Wednesday – Sport uniform required
  •          Technology & Italian - Thursday

 3/4O & 3/4T

  •          Italian & Technology - Wednesday
  •          Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Drama) & Physical Education – Thursday – Sport uniform required

 5/6C, 5/6A, 5/6L

  •          Performing Arts (Music/Dance/ Drama), Italian, P.E (Wednesday - Sport uniform required)
  •          Technology - Tuesday
  •          Interschool sport (Fridays in Terms 1 & 2 - Sport uniform required)

Library borrowing 

P/1- Friday

Yr 2 - Tuesday

Yr 3/4 - Friday

Yr 5/6 -Monday

Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations

Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations will be held from 12.40 pm – 8:00 pm on Wednesday 13th February and will take place in Cooinda (the school hall).

Students will finish at 12.30pm . It is also a rest day for Prep students.

Bookings are made through   School Event Code: tz8tz

Bookings  close on Monday 11th February 

Having a 'Get to know you' conversation early in the year gives teachers an opportunity to get to know the students in their class through you, their parent/s, because you know them so well. It helps us to really get to know and understand your child and their story and address their individual needs. Parent Teacher Learning Conversations assist in establishing a home school partnership essential in ensuring each student achieves their best.