Let Us Pray...



2019 Sacramental Program


Parent & Child Workshop: Wednesday 6th March, 7pm, Cooinda

Rite of Acceptance Masses:  Weekends of 2nd & 3rd March, 9th & 10th March (choose 1 mass to attend, attend any church/mass in the parish)

Sacrament Celebration: FRIDAY 29th March, 6pm, St. Christopher’s Church


Parent & Child Workshop: Wednesday 22nd May, 7pm, Cooinda

Sacrament Celebration:  WEDNESDAY 29th May, 7pm, St. Christopher’s Church


Parent & Child Workshop: Wednesday 17th July, 7pm,  Cooinda

Presentation of Candidate Masses:  Weekends of 20th & 21st July, 27th & 28th July (Choose 1 mass to attend, attend any church/mass in the parish)

Sacrament Celebration: SUNDAY AUGUST 11th, 18th, 25th SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST, 8TH15TH , 9am,

St. Augustine’s Church (Parents are required to register their child for one of the Eucharist Sacrament Masses via www.schoolinterviews.com.au.  Registrations will be opened in early March.  Further details will be given in the near future.)


Parish Masses

St. Augustine’s Church: Sunday 9am

St. Christopher’s Church: Saturday 6pm, Sunday 10.30am

(*Please note: Sacramental workshops are intended for the student and parent/s.  We respectfully request that siblings do not attend)


Liturgical Events for Term One

Beginning of the School Year Mass: THURSDAY 21st February @ 9.15am in Cooinda (this mass will include the staff commissioning and announcement of student leaders) 

Ash Wednesday: Wednesday 6th March (each year level will participate in a liturgy in the classroom and the students will receive the ashes from their teacher)