Learning Dispositions


Research shows that students who: enjoy challenge, ask questions, collaborate well, concentrate strongly, take pride in their learning, use their imagination, give and accept feedback and reflect effectively – are well equipped to navigate their way successfully through life.


At St Augustine’s we want our students to own their learning, to develop qualities in order for them to be successful learners. Our aim is to ensure that all students establish transferable skills and competencies that will enable them to face all challenges with confidence. These qualities are known as Habits of Learning or Learning Dispositions.

After lots of Professional Learning and consultation with staff, parents and students we have selected our Top 6 Learning Dispositions for all learners at St Augustine's. The following dispositions will be introduced across the school this term and unpacked further in 2020:

  Persistent      Collaborative     Flexible    Adventurous    Reflective     Curious


We ask for your support as we focus on and develop each of the above dispositions in order to empower all  students to be effective learners.

3/4 Camp - Mt Evelyn

By Abby, Ena and Ethan 3/4O

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Year 3/4s went to Mount Evelyn Camp. On the bus, everyone was filled with excitement. At camp the food was awesome and the YMCA people there were really nice. We were all very tired on the way back.


The grade 3/4 students made websites about their camping adventures. Click on the links below to find out more.

https://sites.google.com/sakeilor.catholic.edu.au/emilys-camp/home - By Emily W


https://sites.google.com/sakeilor.catholic.edu.au/ethan-a/home - By Ethan A