Let Us Pray...

Anti-Poverty Week (13-19 October)

O God
to those who have hunger, give bread
to those who have bread, give a hunger for justice.
to those who have thirst, give clean water,
to those who have water, give a thirst for righteousness.
to those who have war, give peace
to those who have peace, give a renewed call to be peacemakers.

Creator God, Loving, Persistent,
Thank you for the risk takers for justice.
Thank you for the persistent ones for righteousness.
Thank you for the imaginative ones who call us back to the concerns of our hearts
for the hungry, the thirsty and the war weary.

Thank you for never giving up on us.
May we never give up on you.


(Source: Adapted from “tablemanna” as part of the time of prayer for SACC Ecumenical Partners for Justice and Peace)

Family Mass

All families are invited to attend the Family Mass at St. Augustine's Church this Sunday 20th October, beginning at 9.00 am.

Please register via www.schoolinterviews.com.au, using the code: c4c5t

You can help out during the Mass by reading a prayer of the faithful or bringing up the gifts at the offertory procession.  Of course, you can just attend the mass as well!  Simply respond to the questions whilst registering.

Family Masses are a school and parish initiative to help students connect to their faith and learn the traditions of their religion.  Parent support is greatly appreciated.