Billy Tea Bush Dance



Prep 1 Breakfast

This is a component of the St. Augustine’s Prep - 6 camping program. Experiences are deliberately designed to build upon one another; P/1 breakfast leads onto Year 2 ‘Out and About’ at school, followed by Year 3/4 overnight camp and finally when in Year 5/6, students attend a 2 night camp. The purpose of the camping program it to provide an experience which foster opportunities to practice life skills including: independence, self-reliance and responsibility.


Student reflection:

First, I ate breakfast. I ate rice bubbles and then I got dressed at school in my school clothes. Today was the best day. Thank you, Mrs Crawford, Miss Ash and every teacher who helped us. Liam B, Year One P1 AC

Award Winners

                             Congratulations to all our award recipients 

Term 4 Week 2 

                                                                             Term 4 Week 3