Student Leaders

Hello Everyone,

What a jam packed 3 weeks we have had so far in Term 4.

Firstly, in our prep one year level there are some new little aquatic friends and they are… TADPOLES!!! The prep ones are very excited to see the new additions to their area. 

Last week the whole school had heaps of fun dancing with the ‘Billy Tea Bush Band’ which consists of musicians Mick and Phil. We learnt dance moves like the tango, the waltz and many more. 

Also in the 5/6 level we have been making message sticks using messages that have spoken to our hearts from the New Testament and connecting us to aboriginal culture.


Marcus 5/6C

Jemma 5/6C

Abbey 5/6C



“Dispositions provide an excellent guide for teachers, parents and everyone who cares about education to develop schools and communities as cultures of dispositional thinking.” (Zhao, 2014) 

At school we know that it is important to explicitly teach dispositions. Each and every one of us comes with a set of strengths and weaknesses as far as our personal dispositions, but these are our starting point for growth, not something we are stuck with. This is why it is important that we learn using a ‘growth mindset’ (Dweck) to develop our skills; 


Here are some ideas that might help you have conversations about  dispositions at home:

  Persistent      Collaborative    Flexible    Adventurous    Reflective     Curious

1. Notice the specific dispositions in a friend, sibling or in a fictional character from a book you are sharing.

2. Role-model a disposition for your child.

3. Recognise and celebrate a disposition you observe your child demonstrate.

Exciting Changes in Technology

Over the last decade technology has been increasingly integrated in all subject areas, whether learning a language, an instrument, practising mathematical skills, to students presenting their learning in new and creative ways. At the same time, the subject ICT has been taken off the curriculum. This was a subject designed to teach students how to use computers. It has been largely replaced by Digital and Design Technologies, where students use their coding skills and use of a range of applications to solve problems and design solutions.

We are making these changes as the power and versatility of devices has changed, as have the curriculum and student's expected uses. More importantly, the changes reflect the nature of the school's approach to learning and how we challenge students to be their very best.

At St Augustine’s we believe in...


  • Designing, making and fixing using our STEM skills. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

  • Using our wonderful outdoor environment as a learning space

  • Developing in our students the disposition that will set them up as successful lifelong learners


As a result, the current year 4 students will be the last students to complete the Laptop4Learning program with MacBooks.

With the 'Future Learners' program,  students will receive the following specially configured devices.


  • Year 3 & 4 students receive specially configured, managed iPad, specially equipped with pen, keyboard and rugged case. Students will leave the IPad at school. Parents can observe their child’s development through the regular postings in our SeeSaw App.

  • In Year 5 students receive a Raspberry Pi. This is a credit card sized computer that the students make and program. This will enable them to make STEM projects, robots, models, machines and inventions.

  • In years 5 and 6 students, keep their devices at home in non-school hours.

  • At the end of year 6 the devices are theirs to keep*

(* Providing they have had the device for 4 years. Affordable end of lease buyout options are available for newly arrived students or the 2020 year 4's etc ) 

As usual the cost of the devices is included in the school fees.

The program overall, is more affordable than the L4L program, and this is reflected in the school fees, however you can expect to see small changes dependent on the year of the student.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending more information about how the change will benefit student learning, and the educational opportunities that will arise.

On Wednesday 27 November there will be an important information evening for parents and students in currently in Year 2 and 3/4 to learn about the Future Learners Program. We will also be providing information and contracts for parents of the Laptop 4 Learning program. During the session will also be discussing a range of issues including keeping your students Cybersafe. This evening is a must for all parents and students in Year 2,3 and 4 students - so please put it in your diary.

...and please don't hesitate to contact me at School, if you have any concerns.

Chris James

Technology Leader