From the School Captains

Hello it’s us again with another memorable week at St Augustines primary school.

Lest We Forget. It’s been 101 years since the end of World War One. We commemorated this Remembrance with a service dedicated to the men and women who have given their lives and their service so that we can live in peace.  We are extremely grateful for those who fought and lost their lives and because we get to enjoy the freedom of education. We Will Remember Them.

Our Prep/Ones have been planting and now are growing sunflowers (we hope they see the sun soon) as part of their Inquiry Unit about Life Cycles. And you wouldn’t believe what’s happened to the tadpoles (no don’t worry they haven’t died) the prep/ones now have five little jumping frogs hopping in their tank.


Last Thursday our Year Twos had their out and about program. They were like mini explorers as they roamed around searching for clues to unjumble a word that had been shrouded in mystery - ADVENTUROUS. Next it was time to use their creative skills to weave the God’s eyes before they were called by their chefs to eat dinner. A feast of hotdogs and frogs in a pond. Relaxing back after their tummies were full, they sat back and enjoyed a talent show put on by some of the students.


What a disaster!! Just kidding,  in year Five/Six we have been learning about the intriguing world of natural disasters and how they have affected humankind. Did you know certain eucalyptus trees germinate through scorching fires. Also the whirling tornadoes cycle starts with the warm and cold air colliding and the cool air forcing the warm air up into a twisting tornado. As you can see we have been studying hard and sharing with all those who’ll listen.

Lauren & Johnny

Animal Land Excursion

2B recently visited Animal Land as part of their inquiry into the life cycles of animals. The students had plenty of farm activities to keep them busy throughout the day including milking a cow, feeding the pigs and goats and cuddling baby animals. The students even got involved in the poopa scooping! A fun day was had by all.


Out 'n About 

Last Thursday, the 7th November 2019, the Grade 2 students stayed at school for their ‘Out 'n About’ camp experience.

The students stayed back after school with the teachers and had fun participating in fun activities such as orienteering, nature craft before enjoying yummy hotdogs for dinner together at school .  Students went on a nature walk with Martha and Will the ranger from Brimbank Council exploring our oval area and ended the fun night with a Red Faces Talent show.



Student Social Justice News

Make a difference, Be the difference.  We can do it!

It’s christmas time - A time of hope, joy and love! A time for us to be the difference in other’s lives. As has been the case for many years we again want to help the St. Vincent De Paul Society. In the past we have done this by collecting food and making hampers, although as we know times change and we need to change with them. Speaking to Carmel from our local St. Vincent De Paul Conference she suggested that this year we raise money so that we can buy vouchers for those most in need. By giving vouchers we give people the choice as to how they can best help their situation. (These vouchers DO NOT include the ability to buy cigarettes or alcohol).

Our plan to raise these funds we will be running a 'Guess How Many Lollies' in the lolly jar for the first two weeks in December - where the children pay 50 cents to guess how many lollies in the jar and the winner (the one closest to the amount in the jar) gets to eat all the lollies!!

Also in the Spirit of Christmas, at our carols night we’ll be asking you to donate to our cause - passing around plate, hat, jar to help out.

And finally on the last day of term we ask that everyone wears casual clothes and donates a gold coin to our cause.


Thanks again for helping make a difference and be difference!

The 2019 Social Justice Team.♥



Student Awards

Congratulations to the following Award Recipients:

                                                                             Term 4 Week 5