Closure day

A reminder that there is a whole school closure day on Monday 9th December to enable staff to plan for 2020.



Carols by Cooinda

an evening of carolling and Christmas cheer

                            SAVE THE DATE: Thursday 12th December


                 Note: In line with our Child Safe policy and procedures this is an alcohol free event.


End of School Year Christmas Liturgy

Wednesday 11th December at 9.00 am

The Prep/Ones will lead us in prayer for our whole school Christmas Liturgy in Cooinda.You are invited to join with the school community as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Everyone is welcome to attend. 


Volunteer 'Thank You' Morning Tea

To all our fabulous volunteer helpers we would like to extend an invitation to you to come along to a special “Thank You Morning Tea”  at St Augustine's we really appreciate all the different contributions (big or small) our families and members of the community make.

It would be great to see you there if you can make it.

When: Wednesday 11th December

Where: Cooinda after the End of Year Liturgy.



2019 Orientation Day

A reminder that the whole school Orientation will be held on Monday 16th December.  Students will move into their new classes at 9.30 am. 


Scrub 'n' Clean day

Tuesday December 17th 

We need you....Can you contribute a little bit of your time, a good measure of elbow grease and a lot of humour? 

Join us for our annual whole school Scrub 'n' Clean day.

What time: from 9.30 - onwards

How long: every bit helps, we'll appreciate whatever time you can give us

What to bring: some gloves, scrubbing brush and a bucket

Job list:

  • Classrooms - chairs, table tops, cupboard doors, benches
  • Outside classrooms - bag storage area, fronts of cupboards 
  • General - outside sinks and drinking fountains 
  • Canteen - benches, cupboards, oven

Please leave your name at the office if you are able to help


Start Times 2020

Wednesday 29th January: Students from Year 1 to Year 6 with surnames A-K attend school with literacy and numeracy testing administered. (wear casual clothes bring lunch and snack - attend for normal school day)

Thursday 30th January: Students from Year 1 to Year 6 with surnames L-Z attend school with literacy and numeracy testing administered.  (wear casual clothes bring lunch and snack - attend for normal school day)

Friday 31st January: Pupil free day for staff to meet and analyse testing data

Monday 3rd  February: All students P-6 begin school. Prep students attend half days - 8.40 am - 1.00 pm during Week 1.

 Looking Ahead ...

  • 4 December - Education Board & PA Christmas Dinner
  • 6 December - Smoothie Day
  • 9 December - Closure Day (2020 Planning)
  • 10 December - End of Year Reports go home
  • 11 December - Optional P/T Conversations; End of Year Liturgy; Volunteers Morning Tea
  • 12 December - Carols by Cooinda
  • 13 December - Whole School Walk to Park
  • 16 December - 2020 Orientation Morning
  • 17 December - Scrub 'n Clean Day; Year 6 Graduation @ 6.30 pm
  • 18 December - Students finish @1.00 pm


Guitar-Keyboard Lessons with Mr Pham - 2020

Enrolments are open for 2020 Grades 3-6 with lessons commencing Term 1, 2019.     Lesson duration is 30 minutes for every two students (during school time) and there are 9 lessons per term. Tuition fees are $165 per term and MUST be paid at the beginning of the term. 

Click here for an enrolment form: Guitar-Keyboard Enrolment 2020

Private Instrumental lessons with Mrs Padden 2020

If your child is struggling to find their ‘spark’, or is a talented or keen musician, this opportunity could be perfect for them. No dropping kids  to after school lessons and waiting around, competitive prices and as lessons are conducted by me at school, there is plenty of opportunity for the students to perform at Masses, Concerts, Art shows and special events.

Next year I will be offering beginners to advanced Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Rhythm Guitar (acoustic or electric). Please note, your child is required to have their own instrument, except in the case of the ukulele  which they can borrow from the school.

Lessons take place at school for 30 minutes and are rotated weekly so your child does not miss out on the same lesson in class each week, and are conducted privately or in small groups.There are lessons scheduled in a 10 week term to allow for make up lessons if someone is ill, if there is a holiday an inservice or a  camp,sporting activity or excursion a student needs to attend. 

Payment is at the beginning of the term $250 for 8 lessons Private and $200 for small group (2-3 people).  For comparison, neighbouring schools charge $25-50 more per term so this is a competitive rate. If you are interested to take up this opportunity please contact Mrs Padden for further information and to be assured of a spot starting Term 4.