Evidence Based Learning

Last Week staff attended a  professional learning day focused on Evidence Based Based Learning. Evidence Based Learning is all about supporting students to take greater ownership for their learning.


This year as we embark on our learning journey into Evidence Based learning we will be focusing on Teacher Mindframes and the Learning Dispositions that students need to be successful learners. 


Visible Learning is the result of the research undertaken by John Hattie to understand what provides the most success in learning.  John Hattie defines Visible Learners as students who can:

  • Articulate what they are learning

  • Explain the next steps in their learning

  • Set learning goals

  • See errors as opportunities for further learning

  • Know what to do when they are stuck

  • Seek feedback

    We are excited about where we are heading as a school and look forward to the learning journey ahead.


Choir/Guitar/Superukes - 2019

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to be our Music Leaders for 2019:


  • 3/4A - Lilly, Sienna, Madelene, Peyton, James
  • 3/4T - Sienna, Milena, Caitlin, Nate
  • 3/40 - Ciara, Ena, Alicia
  • 5/6A - Isla, Isabelle, Annabelle, Anthony, Harry, Sabrina
  • 5/6C - Abbey, Jemma, Jasmine, Lauren
  • 5/6L - Amalie, Ashleigh, Sienna, Alicia, Charli, Monique, Mikayla, Kaitlin


  • 3/4A - Lara
  • 3/4T - Kristijian, Marley
  • 3/4O - Irena, Angus, Isabella
  • 5/6A - Thomas, Charlie, Joe, Jasmine, Sienna, Elizabeth, Ben, Luke, Emma, Una Rose
  • 5/6C - Ben, Xavier, Josh
  • 5/6L - Ally, Marko

Rock Band

  • 3/4A - Lara, Peyton, Lilly, Sian
  • 3/4T - Sienna, James, Milena, Caitlin
  • 3/4O - Angus, Isabella
  • 5/6A - Anthony
  • 5/6C - Kaitlin, Jade