Let Us Pray...

 Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the holidays and for the good times we will have.

We thank you for the break from school, for the sleep-ins and the fun.

We ask your blessing on all that we do in this coming term.

Help us to know that you are with us always, celebrating with us when things are great,

and comforting us when things are not so great.

With the guidance of your Holy Spirit, may we strive to do our best throughout next term,

using the gifts that you have given us.




We congratulate our Yr 6 students that received the Sacrament of Confirmation last Friday evening, 29th March.  The students were well prepared and most reverent throughout.

As always, the charismatic Bishop Terry Curtin celebrated a beautiful Mass that was engaging, inspirational and purposefully suited to our students.  It was a wonderful event and the Yr 6 students are commended for their effort.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Yr 3 students will begin preparations for the sacrament at the beginning of next term.  A note with key information will be sent home in the first week of Term 2.

Project Compassion - Caritas 

Our Lenten campaign for Project Compassion will conclude at the end of this term.  Please send your Project Compassion boxes back to school at the beginning of Term 2. 


Holy Week Liturgy

The final Holy Week Liturgy, focussing on the Resurrection, will be on Friday 26th April (Week 1, Term 2) at 2.45pm in Cooinda.

Parents and families are welcome to attend.