Hello Everyone,

WOW, what a full on term this has been. Our school has had so many great things going on this term. Such as…..

The swimming program - At the start of March the years 3-6 went swimming at Paul Sadler from Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks. They had so much fun brushing up on their swimming skills, and it was great to be in the water on those really hot days.

Twilight Sports - It was a great night and we would just like to say a BIG congratulations to Marist for winning the St Augustines Twilight Sports. All of the teams did really really well. Oh and, if you didn’t already know our colour names have changed to, Marist (Blue house), Taylor (Green house), Bunjil (Red house), and lastly Chisholm (Gold house).

Chickens - Our chickens have been laying heaps of eggs lately, and a couple of weeks ago we raffled the first half a dozen off and Koa was our winner. Koa and her brother Jett made a great chocolate cake with the 6 eggs. 

Interschool sports grand finals - On the 29th  March we had 3 teams play in the interschool sports grand final. The mixed hot shots tennis team played an away game and came back with a draw. That was their 2nd draw for the season but both teams showed great sportsmanship.

On the other hand, we had the girls and boys basketball team play a home game and………… BOTH TEAMS WON THE GRAND FINAL!!!!!!! It was an amazing game and we had the other 5/6s watch them play. Unfortunately the girls and boys tee ball team didn’t make it into the finals but both teams fought through the season and played really well. A big thank you to Miss Ashleigh for organizing the interschool sports and making sure that everything was done the way it should be. Also thank you to all the parents and grandparents that came to watch and support them while they were playing.

Confirmation - On the same day as the sports finals, the year sixes celebrated the sacrament of confirmation. It was a very special night and they all enjoyed it. Another big thank you to Mrs Dal Santo for the amazing evening and also to Fr Peter and Bishop Terry Curtin for a great confirmation night. Thank you to Ms Padden and the choir and super uke for the excellent music during the mass

Well that’s it for us this term, we will be back next term for bigger and better things.

So on behalf of the St Augustine's community we would just to say….


HAPPY EASTER and enjoy you school holidays

Lauren & Johnny (School Captains)