Welcome back to Term 2! The children have been excitedly retelling their holiday stories and the interesting activities they have participated in.  I too have had an interesting time. During my second week of the holidays I spent some time, with my husband, in Bali. The first week of school I remained in Bali and met up with 16 other Catholic Primary School Principal’s from the North Western Zone to participate in Professional Learning.  We have been working with on organisation called ‘Project Thrive’. We have been discussing the conditions we need to co create with our students, that best helps them to thrive. Statistics around mental health and resilience were discussed and a knowledge that connection, community and self efficacy are crucial in participating actively in today's world.  It was an inspirational experience as we visited the 'Green School' in Bali where they are committed to educating for sustainability in a natural environment through a purpose-driven curriculum. They believe schools should be places of joy, and strive to champion a new model of education that fully ignites the imagination of children so they can engage and learn with optimism, inventiveness, wonder and student agency.  There were so many parallels with our Catholic schools but certainly many other things to consider. I look forward to discussing this with the staff as we continue to strive for student improvement, agency and understand the impact we all have on their learning and wellbeing.


Last Friday Ms Olivia and 3/4O facilitated our Easter Sunday Liturgy.  They were reverent and well prepared, allowing us all to reflect on this most Holy day.  


The children participated in a casual clothes day to support the St Augustine’s church on the last day of term 1.  They raised $278 for this cause. What a great effort! Families also bought raffle tickets for the Easter egg baskets. This was an amazing effort by all families with an abundance of eggs being donated.  Thank you to everyone as you continue to support our fundraising efforts. Thank you to the Parents Auxiliary for your continued support of the school.


A reminder that the first two weeks of term two are given as two weeks grace as we transition into winter uniform.  It is expected that all children will be in their winter uniform by week 3, next week.  If you have difficulties with this please notify your child's teacher or contact the office. As discussed with the Education Board, we have discontinued the yellow beanie.  However, we have introduced a brown beanie (optional) as we felt this was a more popular colour that children would be more willing to wear. Noone, our school wear suppliers, are endeavouring to have these in stock by next week. Please call them first if you wish to purchase one.


At St Augustine’s, May has been deemed the ‘Month of Manners!’  Our children are always considered to have beautiful manners, however, it is still something that needs to be taught. Please have a conversation with your child about manners and the situations in which they are most appropriate. Please refer to the Wellbeing page for more information.


Grandparents are integral to the St Augustine’s community.    We continue to celebrate their involvement in their grandchildren’s lives and pay homage to their wisdom and experience.  We will be celebrating our grandparents day on  Monday 6th May at 9:30 am till 10:30 am, with morning tea in Cooinda at 10.30am. Please read the information on the Noticeboard for further details of this day.


It has come to my attention that there are  ‘red insects’ on the oval. I have engaged a pest control company to manage these pests. They will be working on the oval on Saturday.  If you are someone who likes to walk through the oval on the weekends I kindly ask that you stay away from this area until Sunday.


Cathy Steere


To the Tonkovic family on the arrival of 'Manolo'. A brother for Mia and Molly!


To the Barresi family, on the passing of Adrian's grandmother, please accept our sympathy and prayers.  May you find comfort in knowing our community is thinking of you at this difficult time and find comfort in the memories and stories shared.  May God's love be a source of strength and give you hope in your sadness.