Last Thursday during our PE Lessons we were lucky enough to have Vio from Vio's Football School come and visit us and teach us some soccer skills. Vio runs lots of different programs for all ages and abilities. Please contact him directly or visit his website for more information.

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School Captains Report

By Lauren and Johnny

Hello Everybody, What a term we have had so far!

We recently had our school pyjamas party for the first time ever.The grades from Prep to 3 got to watch ‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’. Then the grades 3 to 6 watched ‘Bumble bee’. We all had so much fun.

Also in our classes we have been talking about National Reconciliation week. This is a very important time for the Aboriginal people because on the 26th of May the National Parliament said “Sorry” to all the Aboriginal children that were taken away from there mums, dads, brothers and sisters. Also the year 3’s have made the sacrament of Reconciliation. Congratulations!!!

This term for interschool sports has been very uneventful due to poor weather conditions. Our fellow grade 6 classmates have been  waiting to go out for some sports. We hope we will be able to have some more sports opportunities so we can tell you all about it.

We have our art show coming up next term. All the  classes have been making and creating lots of pieces to put in the art show. All we can say is that you should be really, really excited about it!!!

Anyway that’s it from us now. See you next time!!

Lauren and Johnny