Over the last two weeks our year 3 and year 5 students participated in NAPLAN online.   I am pleased to report that we had very few technical glitches, therefore we have not made any requests to the VCAA to re-sit any of the tests. The online assessments ran quite smoothly with only a few minimal interruptions experienced which were quickly rectified.

NAPLAN will provide the school with an opportunity to receive data on how our students are performing in comparison to students around the country in maths, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation (Language Conventions) and spelling.

It is important to note that this assessment is only one snapshot of a child’s progress. The school uses a variety of other assessments to give us up-to-date information about student progress at a number of times during the year. We rely on these assessments to plan to meet students’ needs, measure progress and report back to you. These assessments, as well as NAPLAN, help us to measure the overall performance of our school. 

Student Reporting & Parent Teacher Learning Conversations

As part of  our reporting process, Semester 1 written reports will be received by parents on Wednesday 19th June. These reports are designed to provide a clear picture of a child's development, over the first semester of 2019.

Written reports will be supported by compulsory, individual parent teacher learning conversations.

These will take place from 1.30 pm until 8.00 pm on Thursday 20th June  in Cooinda.

To book a time please visit  and enter Code: qsng7

Please note: If you have booked in for a PSG Meeting for your child you are not required to book in for another Parent Teacher meeting.



Summative reports are provided twice a year at the end of each school semester and are only one part of the reporting process.

Our See Saw Posts, parent meetings and ongoing parent / teacher learning conversations are all part of our process for reporting student progress. 


NB* Please note that Prep students will only receive a Curriculum Summary page (Dots page) in December after they have been at school for 12 months.

 Art Show

Save the Date ...

7th-8th August 2019


We hope you can come along and help us commemorate and celebrate

40 Years at St Augustine's through the Arts.


                        Art Show Entry Form- Entry Form to download a copy