World Teachers Day

Congratulations to all the wonderful staff at St Augustine’s as we celebrated World Teachers Day last Friday. This day helps us all reflect on the impact and good work that teachers all over the country do, especially those at St Augustine’s. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the teachers and staff at St Augustine’s are a fabulous group of people who are passionate, committed and knowledgeable practitioners. I feel blessed every day to be working with and for these amazing people!

Our Yr 3 students celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation at school on Wednesday. Fr Peter was able to conduct these individual reconciliations at school in our Prayer room. While this was not an ideal celebration as parents could not attend, it was very reverent and prayerful. Thank you to Fr Peter, Vanessa DalSanto, Adele Mifsud, Shayna McKay and Selina Tonzing for organising and the day and preparing our students.

This week we were able to organise school photos. We had this date booked in for a while with the hope that the restrictions would allow us to take whole group photos. Luckily our patience was rewarded. If you have not yet ordered the photos go to the 'From The Front Office' page to find details on how to order.


The year has continued to ask us to think differently and modify many activities. The school carols night and the end of year school liturgy are two of these activities. Unfortunately we are unable to hold these events later in the coming weeks as we would normally know it.  The Carols committee have met and we will be combining the two into a school Christmas Liturgy.  We will be filming the children with a song/hymn allocated to each class. There will be a few other surprises included in the video.  The video will be released to families on the last week of term so that you can sit together to watch and enjoy.


Bunnings BBQ is back on! St Augustine's Parents Auxiliary have booked Sunday 12th December for our school to run this fundraising BBQ at Taylors Lakes Bunnings. I encourage you to volunteer an hour or two to help on the day. It is one of the only opportunities this year to offer your time to the school. Call Emma on 0407 117 055 if you can help.

We have begun the transition meetings with our 2021 Prep students. Once again this has looked differently as we gather together in very small groups of 5 and 6 students. However, we are excited to be able to meet our future preps face to face where they can also come on to school grounds to begin experiencing life as a St Augustine’s student. You will see on the front page of this newsletter a photo of two of our 2021 prep students who are wearing tshirts that say, 'I'm going to St Augustine's Primary School Keilor'. These shirts have been given to the students so they can begin to feel part of our community. We look forward to their start next year.


Icy poles have continued to be sold (50c) during the hot weather (over 20 degrees). The Year 5/6 students have taken on the responsibility in lieu of parents running the selling. It has, at times, been a very sticky affair as students learn to cut icy poles, take money and deal with the children as they anticipate receiving the cool treat. It has been a great effort from the students, however, we do miss our parent helpers!

It is a very busy time of year so I encourage you to take note of all the coming events from PSGs, school planning days, Yr 6 Graduation filming day and more. Even though many of the events look different there is a lot of planning and organising going in to them. These next few weeks the children will be entering into Advent and the Christmas spirit. We hope to continue to provide a fun and meaningful few weeks where we can end the year full of love and hope.