2020 Staff

Principal Mrs Cathy Steere
Deputy Principal/Learning Diversity/OHS Ms Trish Walsh
Learning & Teaching Leader /Parent Liaison Mrs Jacinta Fedoruk
Wellbeing Leader/Child Safe Officer Mrs Jodie Velardo
Technology Leader Mr Chris James
Literacy Leader P-2/Reading Recovery  Mrs Maree McBean
Literacy Leader 3-6 Ms Vanessa Cullum
Religious Education Leader Mrs Vanessa Dal Santo
Numeracy Leader Mrs Clare Kheir
Numeracy Intervention Teacher Mrs Kathy Hughes
Prep C Class Teacher Miss Kristina Costello
Prep AC Class Teacher/s Mrs Jo Crawford & Miss Ashleigh Gunn
1/2R Class Teacher Miss Stephanie Rotili
1/2T Class Teacher/s Mrs Timea Stegner & Mrs Lenore Tilley
1/2V Class Teacher Miss Natasha Vella
3/4A Class Teacher Miss Adele Mifsud
3/4M Class Teacher Miss Shayna McKay
3/4S Class Teacher Miss Selena Tonzing
5/6V Class Teacher/s Ms Vanessa Cullum/Mrs Bridget Tadic
5/6A Class Teacher/s Mrs Anne Durham & Mrs Ann-Marie Atkinson-Keane
5/6L Class Teacher Mrs Sharon Lee
Music Teacher Mrs Jane Padden
Physical Education Teacher MIss Ashleigh Gunn
Italian Teacher Mrs Carmel Di Lorenzo (Signora)
Information Technology Teacher Mrs Ann-Marie Atkinson-Keane
Office Staff Mrs Christine Price & Mrs Leanne Young
Library Technician Mrs Rebecca Ballingall
Learning Support Officers Mrs Marie Barbieri, Ms Karen Parker, Mrs Natalie Power, Ms Vivianna Navarette, Mrs Silvia Surace, Ms Amanda Ali, Mrs Bernadette Pappas, Mrs Rebecca Ballingall, Ms Georgia Peel, Mrs Daylene Law, Mrs Michelle Borg
Maintenance Mr Jason Trethowan

School Uniform

Uniforms are available from Noone, 543 Keilor Road, Niddrie, Phone: 93795037.  A reminder that sports uniform is to be worn only on sports day. This includes runners. Please make sure all uniform items are labelled with your child's name.Brown Shoes are part of the compulsory school uniform.

A Great Idea ...

Embroidery is available from Caps n More, Terminal Building, Building 72, Hargrave Avenue, Essendon Fields.

Nail Polish

Our uniform policy clearly states that nail polish is not appropriate for school. Love the wild colors but keep it for the weekend please.



We want every student to arrive at school of a morning and return home of an evening. safe and sound.

Your respect for road rules, student's safety and each other is an expectation as a member of St Augustine's school community.

So ensure you:

  • use the 2 minute drop off zone from 8:00 until 9:15 each morning as that - a drop off zone where you park, your child/ren alight from the kerb side of your vehicle and you move off.
  • do not double park to either drop off or pick up your child/ren
  • do not illegally use the disabled car parking spaces
  • do not park in no standing areas
  • do not enter the school carpark

Brimbank Council  visits to observe issues around safety and legal/illegal parking habits around our school.

We are absolutely committed to every one of our students entering and exiting St Augustine's safely.

As drivers, you need to to do the same.

Before and After School

Please be aware that teachers begin yard duty at 8.20 am. Children must not be in the yard before this time unless under the supervision of a parent/guardian. Likewise, all children should be collected before 3.35 pm when staff finish after school duty.

The school day begins at 8.40 am. Please be punctual with your children. It reduces anxiety and sets students up for an organised day of learning. If your child is late to school, they must come to the office for a late pass.

Parents are requested to wait outside the building to collect children. Staff walk students out to meet parents each afternoon. Staff are often involved in meetings before and after school or are preparing for or following up their day's teaching. A pre-arranged appointment is the best way to meet with them should the need arise.  

If you need to collect your child during the day, please do so at the beginning or end of each break (see bell times here: BELL TIMES 2020).  You must come to the office and your child will be called to the office.

Big Childcare provides a before school care program for those who need to drop off their children before 8:20 am.

Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations

Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations for students in Years 1- 6 will be held on 

                                                         Wednesday 12th February, 2020

Time: 12.40 pm – 7.30 pm  

Venue: Cooinda (the school hall).

Please note that students will finish at 12.30 pm on this day  (This is a rest/testing day for Prep students)

If you are unable to collect your child at 12.30 and require supervision for your child/children please register your child/s name at the front office.

                   (Supervision will be provided in the school library until 3.15pm for those registered)

Having a 'Get to know you' conversation early in the year gives teachers an opportunity to get to know the students in their class through you, their parent/s, because you know them so well. It helps us to really get to know and understand your child and their story and address their individual needs. Parent Teacher Learning Conversations assist in establishing a home school partnership essential in ensuring each student achieves their best.

Please log on and book a time to chat with your child's  teacher via www.schoolinterviews.com.au   

School Event Code: xgc23


 Nuts and Allergies

Several students at St Augustine's have severe allergies to nuts. These children require an Epipen (adrenaline) to be administered should they experience an anaphylactic reaction. An anaphylactic reaction can be life threatening. Our school encourages parents to provide lunches and snacks that are nut-free. We have a No Food Sharing Policy. We ask that you support us by reminding your children to not share food with other students and to wash their hands after eating. Please aim to avoid providing nut products for your child's play lunch or lunch, eg, peanut butter, Nutella, Snickers or Picnic bars. Treats for birthday celebrations are school should not include cakes and chocolate. A lolly pop would be a suitable treat.


Sunsmart and heat policy

We are accredited as a sunsmart school which relies on us actively promoting a sunsmart culture among our students and staff.

Our compulsory hat policy (no hat no play)  begins on September 1st every year and extends through until 30th April. All students are required to wear their school hat whilst outside during this time.

Parents are encouraged to begin a routine where students apply sunscreen (30 SPF or higher) each morning before they come to school. Should they need to reapply, staff will give them time to do this before they head outside for lunch play. A sunscreen in the form of a roll on is good for younger students and teaching them the technique for applying sunscreen at home is most worthwhile.

For further information you can access our Sunsmart and Heat policy via our school website.

Volunteer-Working with Children Checks

In line with our Child Safe Policy actioned to meet the requirements of Ministerial Order 870, all volunteers who attend excursions,camps or enter our school as a helper must have a current WWC photocopied and on file in the school office.

You can apply for a Working with Children check online. 

If you have a current WWC obtained as a volunteer elsewhere,  please ensure that you add St Augustine's Keilor to your organisational details.  To do this log in using your WWC number and hit update details.



Our beautiful, natural location backing onto Green Gully unfortunately involves a snake hazard. 

We proactively inform students about snake safety but are careful not to create a sense of hysteria or anxiety.

We remind students not to go into gardens and actively supervise them particularly when travelling to and from the oval and in their play on and around the oval. Should a ball go beyond the oval or into bushes in a garden area, students must have a teacher attend and decide whether it is in a safe location to retrieve or not. If not it must be left where it is.

Please reinforce the following procedure with your child;

  • Never approach a snake
  • Stand still
  • Back away slowly keeping the snake in sight
  • Inform a staff member immediately  

Guitar-Keyboard Lessons with Mr Pham - 2020

Enrolments are open for 2020 Grades 3-6 with lessons commencing Term 1, 2020.  Lesson duration is 30 minutes for every two students (during school time) and there are 9 lessons per term. Tuition fees are $165 per term and MUST be paid at the beginning of the term. 

Click here for an enrolment form: Guitar-Keyboard Enrolment 2020

Private Instrumental lessons with Mrs Padden 2020

Private instrumental lessons will be offered for beginners to advanced Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Rhythm Guitar (acoustic or electric). Please note, your child is required to have their own instrument, except in the case of the ukulele  which they can borrow from the school.

Lessons take place at school for 30 minutes and are rotated weekly so your child does not miss out on the same lesson in class each week, and are conducted privately or in small groups.There are lessons scheduled in a 10 week term to allow for make up lessons if someone is ill, if there is a holiday an inservice or a  camp,sporting activity or excursion a student needs to attend. Payment is at the beginning of the term $250 for 8 lessons Private and $200 for small group (2-3 people).  Please contact Mrs Padden jpadden@sakeilor.catholic.edu.au for further information and to be assured of a spot starting Term 1.