Welcome Back!

The staff and I are very excited about having our children back at school. Our Prep, Yr 1 & 2 students start back on Tuesday 26th May while the Yr 3 ,4, 5 & 6 students are welcomed back on Tuesday June 9th.  I have joined many class Google Meets just so I can see the faces of our children. It will be great to have them back face-to-face!

Of course with this return comes extra protocols particularly around hygiene and cleaning.  I sent a letter to all families last Friday detailing these arrangements including the staggered drop off and pick up times. I have included these times below.  Please remember that Augustines Way will be a ‘kiss and drop off’ zone. I ask that you listen to staff as they direct traffic. We will have a number off staff members directing traffic, welcoming students and escorting the children to class. We need to work together to keep ourselves and the students safe and to ensure an orderly return to school. Please remain in your car as you drop off children and wait to pick them up after school. As adults, you must all observe social distancing of 1.5m and not enter the school grounds unless dropping off or picking up your child from Before/After school care or in a emergency.  This might be a good time to book them into before or after care and utilise this service.  It is free until the end of term!

The full ‘Back To School Transition’ letter is once again attached.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Please read the following to know:

  1. Time to drop off/pick up your child  

  2. Where to drop off/pick your child

TIMES to drop off and pick up children  STARTING FROM 26TH MAY

Children with surnames A-K

Drop off time: 8.30am

Pick up time: 3.00pm

Children with surnames L-Z

Drop off time: 8.45am

Pick up time: 3.15


WHERE to drop off and pick up children  STARTING FROM 26TH MAY

PrepC, PrepAC, 1/2/V, 1/2T, 1/2R & 3/4M

  • Drop off/Pick up  - These children to enter/leave via the front gates where a staff member will direct the children to their rooms at the start of the day and parents at pick up

3/4S, 3/4A, 5/6C, 5/6A, 5/6L

  • Drop off/ Pick up  - These children to  enter/leave via the staff carpark gate where staff members will escort the children to their rooms at the start of the day and parents at pick up


I have contracted a new cleaner who has provided us with an exceptional cleaning service. He has also been able to provide us with the enhanced cleaning required for our return. The school will be disinfected and sanitised this Saturday which will continue with a cleaning schedule throughout the week to ensure high touch areas, toilets rails, light switches etc. are cleaned regularly each day.  The playground will be sanitised and disinfected each day enabling this to be open on Tuesday. 

Remember to attend the requirements as listed in the ‘Back To School Transition’ letter including sending a small towel for students to dry their hands after washing. You may wish to provide a zip lock bag of small zip bag to place the towel in to avoid contact with other. 

Friday June 5th is now also a school closure day. The teachers will be engaged in Professional Practice Time as mandated by the Victorian Catholic Education Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2018. Children do not attend school on this day.  A reminder that Monday 8th June is a public holiday.

This week our Yr Prep-2 teachers have been conducting Wellbeing voluntary Parent/Teacher chats with those parents who feel they need to touch base with the teacher before the return to school. Parents who have taken up this offer have appreciated the opportunity to discuss the anxieties their child/ren are experiencing and work on a return to school plan. The Yr 3-6 parents will also have this opportunity. Information will come out next week.

Each year schools are required to complete an Annual Report To the Community, reflecting on the the previous year's success, gains and accomplishments. Please find this attached for your reading.  This can also be found in the school's website and as a hard copy in the school's office foyer.

Thank you to the whole St Augustine’s school community over the past weeks:  staff, parents, carers, students, employers, Big Child Care and all those associated with the care and education of our children.  It has been quite an adventure that we know will continue.  However, we are glad to begin the transition back to school, albeit with a few modification! What we know is that our community will continue to thrive and be united for the benefit of our children.