Let Us Pray...


Creator of Life,

The earth is full of your creatures, and by Your wisdom you made them all. 

At Your word, the Earth brought forth plants yielding seed of every kind and trees of 

every kind bearing fruit,

the waters teemed with swarms of living creatures of every kind,

and the world was filled with every kind of winged bird and creatures that creep

upon the ground.

Mountains, plains, rocks and rivers shelter diverse communities

and through the changing seasons Your Spirit renews cycles of life.

Open our eyes to see the precious diversity that is all around us. 

Enlighten our minds to appreciate the delicate balance maintained by each creature. 

Inspire us to conserve the precious habitats that nurture this web of life.

 In the name of the Jesus Christ,



Sacramental Program 2020

As we return to school, meetings will be held with Fr. Peter and the Parish Team to make a plan for the 2020 sacraments.  At this stage, it is unclear how the sacraments will proceed.  It is our intention to complete all sacraments by the end of the year if at all possible.

Many things will need to be considered when re-scheduling the sacraments, such as personnel available (eg. priests, bishop); available dates; school schedule; government guidelines and restrictions; the health and well-being of students, staff and the wider community.

It is important to note that due to the current and on-going government guidelines and restrictions, it is most likely that the sacraments will take place in an altered manner.  Our priority is to offer the sacraments to students in sacramental levels and we are hopeful that this can occur by the end of the year. 

Please understand and respect however, that they will most likely 'look' very different to what we are accustomed to.  

When updated information is available, families will be notified.